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Desert Day Cream
Desert Day Cream

Desert Day Cream

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30 ml/1 oz | Made in France | For all skin types

Climate-smart moisturizer for comfortable, beautiful skin when temperatures are high (75°F — 110°F) and humidity is low (5% — 45%). Ideal when exposed to extreme sun, wind, air-conditioning, and pollution.

It's perfect for hot and dry summers — EXTREME CLIMATE.

This semi-light moisturizer utilizes a unique selection of humectants, emollients, and hydrating agents: we call them our Climate Energized Beautifiers. Blended together with pure water from the French Alps, they make up the climate-smart Desert Day Cream.

It's light enough to complement skin in hot temperatures, yet more creamy to offset the lack of humidity and extreme air-conditioning. Rich in antioxidants and peptides, the Desert Day Cream promotes a healthy skin barrier while protecting skin from dry air and environmental aggressors. Film-forming. Dermatologist-recommended.



Always apply the Desert Day Cream after the Serums or to clean skin. Use twice a day for best results. The Day Cream is the third and final step of the Réponse du Climat® Rituals.

1. Use the fingertips to apply one drop to the face and neck.

2. Allow the Day Cream to fully blend into your skin before applying sunscreen and/or makeup.

Beauty Tips:

  • Change your Day Cream when climate changes, whether geographic or seasonal. If you travel to a different time zone, you are most likely in a new climate.
  • Less is more with Pour Moi. You just need a drop.

Squalene Oil instantly rehydrates the outer layers of the skin and regenerates skin tissue in extreme conditions without clogging pores.

Glycerin is a humectant that grabs water from the atmosphere and deliver it to the skin for proper balance and hydration.

Caprylic Triglyceride is an emollient derived from coconut oil and glycerin that replenishes skin. It's quick penetration and non-greasy barrier is optimal for skin to resist dehydration in desert conditions.

Vitamins C and E act as antioxidants to fight environmental free radicals. In desert climate, the effects of environmental stressors are exacerbated.

Multiple forms of Hyaluronic Acid in combination with a rare form of White Truffle Extract in the Reponse du Climat blend determines the amount of moisture drawn from the air to the skin depending on the climate. This blend is film-forming to lock i maximum hydration and anti-aging properties.

WE ARE 100% TRANSPARENT. Click for all ingredients here.


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